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The benefits of downsizing after retirement

Written by on Friday, May 17, 2013
The benefits of downsizing after retirement

Large, luxurious houses look great on the inside and out, but who wants to spend their days, nights and retirement fund taking care of all that upkeep? Going a bit smaller can actually be better for your wallet and easier on you! Sure, it can be difficult to leave a home that you've known for years, but change can be a great thing! Here are a few reasons you may want to think about downsizing into retirement:

Ability to live elsewhere
Have you always wanted to wake up to the beautiful mountain scenery in Colorado or explore the natural terrain of Oregon? Well, you can do just that by settling into any one of Bonaventure's luxurious, hotel-like retirement communities. You can wake up each day to nature's finest and check out what your new community has to offer.

Less maintenance
In a large home, there are often multiple bathrooms to be cleaned, more rooms to be vacuumed and more windows to be wiped clean. In a smaller, cozier home, there is less to clean, replace and repaint and so on. In Bonaventure communities, the ever-friendly staff is here to keep your home spic and span with home maintenance and weekly housekeeping. This way, you can spend your time the way you want to, whether that's with family and friends, relaxing or getting a little exercise.

Moving to a new location gives you a chance to go through all of those things that have been sitting in your house that you haven't really touched for years. In a large house, there is a lot of room for storage to keep things that you don't actually need. By transitioning even to a spacious deluxe suite, you have the opportunity to eliminate many things you don't need. Sell it at a garage sale or online to make a little green on the side!

Reduce property tax
A large home means paying a large amount of money in property taxes every year. By downsizing to a retirement community, you can eliminate annual property taxes.

Save on utility bills
With a smaller home that takes less energy to heat and cool, you'll not only be saving a few bucks, but you'll be helping out the environment at the same time. This also reduces energy consumption, your use of resources, and your ecological footprint.  And in most retirement communities, all utilities are fully paid for as part of your monthly rent, so no more fluctuations in monthly bills.

Downsizing to gain more space!
While your new suite in a retirement community may be a smaller living space than you're used to, you're essentially gaining a ton of space to call your home in the beautifully decorated and furnished common areas like the home theater rooms, restaurant-style and private dining rooms, well-stocked library, living rooms with fireplaces, game rooms, craft rooms, and well maintained gardens and courtyards which are all a part of your new home.

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The healing power of music

Written by on Wednesday, May 08, 2013
Research has proven that music boasts many healing powers, some of which include soothing pain, bringing back memories and promoting heart health.


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Interesting ways to boost your memory

Written by on Wednesday, May 08, 2013
While it's normal for your memory to slip every once in a while as you age, there are plenty of ways to keep those lapses to a minimum such as incorporating olive oil into your diet, or even simple hand clenching exercises.


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