Our Philosophy

Framed in every community you will find this philosophy. It's a simple idea to live by and it guides all our actions. Every day the Bonaventure team is faced with things that aren't in any rule book, so we decided to keep it simple. Simple is working.

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional Senior lifestyle through a dedicated and compassionate team, innovative communities and enriched services that promote dignity, choice and independence.

Our Values & Principles

Bonaventure is committed to values which honor our residents and team members. These values shape every aspect of our business.

Passionate about Seniors: Our passion for serving seniors is the driving force of our company. Our residents are to be honored and appreciated for their personal value and lifetime of accomplishments.

Teamwork: We respect and value all team members. We foster an environment which promotes open communication and collaboration while maintaining individual accountability.

Innovative Excellence: From the smallest task to the largest project, on an individual or group level, we strive for excellence and innovation. We are committed to continuously improving, learning and developing.

Integrity: Follow through on our promises and commitments to all we serve and work with.

Financial Stability: We make business decisions which ensure long term value, not promote short term gains. Financial stability allows us to operate with integrity.

Our Vision

To be the premier senior living company in the Western United States. Understand and Respond to the evolving needs and desires of our residents. Be an innovative company that leads the industry in change in community design, resident services, employee satisfaction and efficiency. Grow at a sustainable pace by constructing continuing care campuses.

Our History

Bonaventure was formed over ten years ago with the observation that no one was offering the ideal combination of quality, experience and value. We continue to grow and succeed today, with stellar 96% approval ratings based on our ability to offer what people really want.

Owner Operated

No absentee management corporation here. We are a closely held company, and we take great pride in what we do. We are hands-on every day in the field creating Retirement Perfected.

Giving Back

We have been giving back from the beginning. We focus on Senior and Family issues in the Northwest. Some of the many organizations we support year-round:

Alzheimer's Foundation of America Ageless Aviation Dreams Alzheimer's Network of Oregon American Cancer Society Boys and Girls Clubs of America Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation Family Building Blocks Muscular Dystrophy Association Marion-Polk Food Share Oregon Food Bank
People Helping People